Springtime through the Lens

I took some photos when Spring arrived in Chicago and the trees and flowers began to bloom. I love taking pictures on beautiful sunny days but I know I need to practice night time photos as well because that’s where I struggle the most. Through the rest of spring; summer and fall I hope to keep up with my photography and post my progress on the blog.

I shot these photos in aperture mode and when taking them repositioned myself to see what angles worked best in the light. When I uploaded them I did some adjustments to the contrast or brightness in photos on my Mac.

If you have any comments or suggestions please feel free to leave a comment! What’s your favorite subjects to photograph outdoors?


November Photos

This week I took a photography class where I learned more about the functions of my Canon DSLR. The class helped me learn about ISO, Aperture, and Shutter speed and to prevent me from using Auto mode. Now I’m trying to apply the principles I learned to taking better photos and using this knowledge to feel more comfortable behind the lens. Here are some photos I took, these are the ones I find best, and hopefully you’ll see more from me that display improvement!