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Lapham Peak, Kettle Moraine Forest

Today we explored the Lapham Peak unit of the Kettle Moraine Forest in Wisconsin. The Lapham Peak tower had a great view of Pewaukee Lake and Downtown Milwaukee and I can’t wait to go back for the fall leaves. We walked along the Plantation Trail which was a nice paved trail, great for runners who don’t like true trail runs and also excellent for strollers. Next time we’ll explore the Butterfly garden which is connected to the trail.

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Run with Rachel- Keep Your Runs Fun

Hi there!

Sorry for the lack of posts lately- I traveled back home to see my family at Easter and took many adorable photos of my 2 year old nephew that I still have to edit and then Tuesday I was hit with an allergy attack. I’m pretty sure it’s allergies- I don’t have the aches/pain/chills associated with a cold so that’s good. If only my sinuses would clear up and I didn’t feel like I was walking through a wind tunnel (ears). Soon though! Hopefully I’ll be right as rain in time for the weekend!

So how are you doing with your fitness/running goals? Are you still staying on track? I had planned to run/walk on Tuesday until I felt sick and instead took a break so that my body could get some rest.

Today I wanted to offer some tips on how to not get bored with your running/walking. Sometimes when running long distances or just going further than you have before seems daunting. Some runners enjoy wearing headphones and listening to music. I’m personally not a fan because I will fidget with the headphones to get them to stay in or switch to the next song which will result in bad form.
Now that I’m walking and running some days (my goal is 2 times per week for 35 minutes for this month), I try to keep it interesting. Currently I run in my front of my apartment and there are a bunch of driveways and mailboxes. So I usually start at a driveway, walk to the next one, and then start running and run from one driveway to the next. It’s the same as interval training. If you wear a watch you could time yourself and after 4 minutes you can run for 1 minute. This is what keeps me from looking at a watch constantly and saying “only 15 more minutes”, “only 10 more minutes”, etc. Otherwise if this doesn’t work try losing yourself in your thoughts about something fun, like an upcoming vacation.

How do you keep your run interesting?
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Run with Rachel- Find What Motivates You

If you’ve decided you want to start running more often or even do a run/walk combo, I’d recommend that you first find out what motivates you. If you don’t know what’s motivating you to run then you’ll be more likely to quit and you’ll find yourself making excuses for why you’re not doing it anymore.

For me, signing up for a race is one of my biggest motivators. Once I’ve registered I know I’m going to do it. One reason being I paid for it. So I want to show up and get my awesome race shirt and if there’s a medal I most certainly want my medal. The SWAG (Stuff We All Get) definitely motivates me.

For others, weight loss could be a motivator whether it’s a small amount like 5 or 10 pounds or if it’s a large amount.

Or it could be that you want to run a 5K because you’ve never ran one before. Take some time and think about it. When you find out what does motivate you, write it down and put it somewhere that you can see it every day- like your bathroom mirror or in your car or on your nightstand. Because some days you’ll need it.

In addition to the lovely SWAG, this year I’m motivated to get back into shape. I’ve started walking outside for about 25-30 minutes during my lunch hour and it’s amazing how quickly your body adjusts to lack of activity. 25 to 30 minutes doesn’t seem like a long time for walking but when I sit at a desk all day it makes a difference to get up and walk more often. I’m taking it easy this year and plan to add in the running soon.

Oh and I run for baked goods. Ask my friends, if there are bagels at the end of the race, I’ll leave you in the dust. ;)
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Thai Chicken Fingers & March MATness

Hi there!

How was your weekend! Happy first day of March! I’m hoping for spring weather but in the meantime while the temperatures are still chilly, we’re heating it up in the kitchen and with Pilates!

This weekend we tried a new recipe: Thai Sticky Chicken Fingers from Iowa Girl Eats. The verdict? Spicy and delicious! They aren’t too hot but there is definitely some spice there!

Thai Chicken Fingers

Now for the Pilates! For the month of March it’s #MarchMATness! That means for 31 days we’re honoring Joseph Pilates and featuring one mat exercise per day and tagging it on social media with tags like MarchMATness or MM2015. I love this idea! Who cares about basketball? (Obviously not me) Today’s exercise was the hundred! Here’s mine:



Iron Girl Triathlon Recap

Hi there! How was your weekend? Did you do anything fun- go to a fair, try a new restaurant, or soak up some sun?

This weekend was my Iron Girl Triathlon and it was fabulous! All of my hard work and training paid off because I set a personal record: 1:37:41!! I was a little worried last week because two weeks ago the training was starting to wear me down and I felt like all I was doing was working out, no time for anything else. The training was definitely worth it in terms of how well I did but next time I’ll rest an extra day per week. Sometime I get so caught up in the training and become so regiment about it that I forget to do other things like relax, read a book,  or cook dinner for my fiancé.

Recreating my pose from Wendy's Triathlon three years ago.
Recreating my pose from Wendy’s Triathlon three years ago with this year’s triathlon on the right.

Mike was awesome throughout the 8 weeks of training especially with cooking dinner during the week. I think I owe him dinner for the rest of the year. ;) And I was so happy to have him at the race cheering me on. He did a great job of taking pictures of the whole event and he was very patient which I imagine was hard, our day started at 4:30 in the morning and I didn’t start the race until 7:45 and finished just before 9:30. Then add on the hour long trip home plus after we ate brunch we were stuck in downtown Greendale for an hour because of the Village Days Parade!

But once we arrived home we both took well deserved naps and then watched an invigorating PGA Championship Golf Tournament. Can you believe how exciting that tournament was?! We couldn’t decide who to root for- Rickie Fowler, Phil Mickelson, or Rory McIlroy. Rory is my favorite but I would have been just as happy for Rickie or Phil to win.

But now that my triathlon is done, I wanted to share with you some of the techniques that I tried in this year’s triathlon that I believe really made a difference with my transitions. My transition times were under 2 minutes each and the first one could have been less if I hadn’t ran past my bike, whoops!

  1. My attire- I wore tri shorts and a tri top. No need to put a shirt on after I got out of the water or try and get into bike shorts. The tri shorts have minimal padding for the bike but for only 12 miles I was fine with it. I’ve also seen some women wear only their one piece bathing suit and I tried this during my training but I was more comfortable with my tri shorts.
  2. Lack of socks- it sounds crazy but when you’re on the bike your feet hardly shift and it’s another thing that saves time in the transition. Some people will spend 3 to 5 minutes putting on socks or shirts when they could be out on the bike course already. But if you’re not worried about time go for the comfort of socks. The lack of socks did hurt later when I started the run and I ended up with blisters on my arches but I think that was partly due to gravel on the course during mile 2. If the run was longer than 3.1 miles I would have worn socks.
  3. Yankz Sure Lace System– I didn’t have to worry about tying my running shoes. I slipped them on and then pulled the shoelace clasp tight. That had to have saved at least a minute of my time.
  4. Race bib belt– another great time saver because I didn’t have to safety pin my bib to a shirt and then slide it on. I just clipped it around my waist and was off!

I have to admit the shirts and medals are one of the motivators for my races and the swag was excellent! They were selling t shirts with the logo on the back with every participant’s name in the logo and I couldn’t resist (not pictured)! The shirt is super comfortable and I will be wearing it all the time! Iron Girl Tri Swag