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Crochet Blanket Sweater

My newest adventure in crochet was to create a blanket sweater and it’s like a cocoon for the body. I love the gray I used- a lighter one and the yarn is nice and soft but not too bulky. I used Lion Brand’s Heartland yarn as the author of the pattern suggests. The  sweater used less than 3 skeins making it inexpensive. I’m excited to wear this sweater more as the weather warms up for spring!


My “blanket” before making it into a sweater.



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Granny Square Blanket

This past winter I started crocheting a blanket for myself. I opted for the granny square style using fall-like colors, purple, blue, and gray. I was almost finished crocheting each individual square when summer came but once the weather turned hot and humid I had no desire to sew together 16 squares of 3 colors each. Then once Fall officially started I had the urge to warm myself with cardigans and blankets. This weekend I got whatever is going around- allergies, head cold, I don’t know. So I worked hard and completed my blanket last night! I love the end result. :)



Restored: Wine Rack

When Mike and I drove to Pittsburgh for Memorial Day weekend we came home with a wooden wine rack my grandfather on my mom’s side made. After my grandma passed I had hoped to find something that he made in addition to the foot stool I have with my birthdate from him and was excited when my mom told me about the wine rack.


The wine rack was very well made and still in great condition. We just wanted to give it a little TLC to restore it and give it new life. We sanded it and I removed the light bulb and mirror on the back. We plan to reuse the mirror elsewhere in our place instead of returning it to the back.


Then we stained it a nice dark brown and put a coat of polyurethane on it. I like how we spruced it up but still kept its character the same. Looks like we need more wine! :)


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Weekend Fun

Hi there!

How was your weekend? The arctic blast remains in Wisconsin and I’m still dreaming of warm, sunny, and sandy beaches. I need a good pick me up to remind me that this cold weather will soon go away and spring will arrive. Mike and I are definitely experiencing the cabin fever we experienced last year and wind chills in the negative are no help whatsoever!  We did enjoy brunch with some friends today. Some hot chocolate and a bubble bath did lift my spirits a little but I’m wishing for temperatures where I can enjoy a long walk outside!

But on a positive note I finished the square baby blanket I made for a friend, made Delicious and Addicting no bake energy bites, and enjoyed a new recipe from Iowa Girl Eats; Penne with Kale, Sausage, and Butternut Squash!

First let’s start with the blanket. I’ve never made a square blanket before but thought it looked cool so I gave it a try! I think it turned out nicely! The pattern I used was from Red Heart and the yarn was Bernat Baby Sport Yarn.
Baby Square Blanket

I made these no bake energy bites:
No Bake Energy Bites

They are so addicting! They taste just like no bake cookies but without a ton of sugar and butter. It’ll be hard not to eat them all in less than a day!

Last, but not least, we had the penne with sausage, kale, and squash for dinner. The dish takes less than 30 minutes to make and who doesn’t love that? Mike and I had tried kale once before and we hated it. I think we made kale chips in the oven, I’m not entirely sure because I think I purposely tried to forget it. The kale is subtle because of the chicken broth and I’ve never tried squash but you don’t really notice it in the dish. Bonus for eating veggies and not noticing it! (Fist Bump) Will you give this dish a try?
Penne with Kale Squash and Sausage



Frugal Friday

Happy Friday!

It’s almost the weekend! :) I have a long weekend ahead of me but I’m excited to go out to dinner at Louise’s this weekend with Mike. I’m especially excited because my stomach is doing a lot better and I’ll be able to eat whatever I choose on the menu and enjoy it. Last time we went it was my birthday weekend and I was still sick from the infection I caught in October. So cheers to good food this weekend!

I know I typically post a Fab Five on Fridays but decided to go a different route now that Mike and I are really getting into the wedding planning. Once January hit our list of things to do increased which is great. It’s been exciting to make decisions and see our plans come together for the wedding we envision.

Some of the big to do’s we accomplished this month were deciding on where to have our rehearsal dinner and reserving the place, and reserving our ceremony musicians.

I’ve said it many times since I said Yes to Mike, once you put ‘Wedding’ in front of anything it seems like the cost goes up 400%. Absolutely, positively, crazy. But I’m a frugal person and by frugal I mean I look to save money on a good quality products or services, I’m not cheap which in my mind is going for the cheapest option but it may not be the best product or service. I like to hunt for those bargains.

So for Frugal Friday I’m sharing with you where we’ve been able to save money on our wedding and how much based on other vendors in the Columbus area that I quoted.

– Cake [Saved $40]
– Flowers [Saved $155.26]
– Ceremony Musicians [Saved $210]
– Photography [Saved $1400]
– Save the Date cards [Saved $68.88]

In total we’ve saved $2,739.00!! I think that’s pretty awesome. :)

Counting down the days until we say “I DO”!
Knot Countdown