London Film Museum

While in London one of the places Mike wanted to see was the London Film Museum. You might as well call it the James Bond museum since it has all of the James Band automobiles. I brought my camera because I knew it would be a good place to practice, the lighting is different from what I prefer to shoot, but you can’t always choose your lighting. Most of the time I use Aperture Priority mode because my subjects aren’t moving or moving fast. But what I realized when using Aperture priority mode is the lighting affected the shot and it was too bright. Below is one of my first photos before making adjustments. It’s not completely washed out but the image didn’t match what my eyes saw.

So I decided to change to Shutter Speed Priority mode. Looking back I could have just used Manual mode but I’ll admit Manual mode can be scary and intimidating. I chose shutter speed to prevent too much light in the shot and the camera chose the aperture. Here is the result after my adjustments:

These certainly aren’t my best photos and my ISO was very high for these shots, 3200, and I can’t even remember why I chose it that high. The higher the ISO the more noise in the shot but these photos don’t have a lot of noise. The important thing is I gained experience, you can see the cars and the lighting in the museum, and they aren’t washed out due to an unnecessary flash.

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