Photography Class #2

This weekend I attended my second photography class with Balanced Exposure. The first one I took was just over a year ago to learn the basics of my DSLR camera and I finally got around to signing up for a second class. I’m glad I did because the instructor only plans to teach these classes for another year and a half. Sadly the demand isn’t as high as when he started this business.

When I attended the first class the instructor offered a gray card to use for custom white balance. I decided not to buy one at the time and I’m sad I didn’t but I was fortunate to purchase one at this class. When using the card with a Canon camera all I have to do is take a picture of it in my desired area for photos, go to menu and choose custom white balance, take another picture, and then choose custom white balance again. This eliminates editing the photos after uploading them to the computer but it’s not fool proof, you still need to know about your ISO settings, shutter speed, and aperture.

I took some photos this morning in our home with the lights off, in the morning on a sunny day with the blinds open and here are the results. The custom white balance photos have more warmth and you can really see the color of our walnut wood table better than those without the custom white balance adjustment. The auto white balance setting has more blue tint to the photos and would require some editing after uploading, which I didn’t do for the purpose of this experiment.

Gray custom white balance card, the instructor worked with a company to have the right gray, I believe it’s 18%.

Crochet Cowl with custom white balance setting (above photo and next two photos)

The next three photos are without the custom white balance and using auto white balance setting.

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