Chicago Botanic Garden: Butterfly Exhibit

Yesterday I went to the Chicago Botanic Garden and spent about 3 hours there taking photos, walking through the butterfly exhibit and having lunch. The garden is huge! I didn’t walk through all of it and would certainly go back again. I wanted to keep up with my practice of taking photos and knew the garden was the perfect place to practice. It was a hot, humid, and sunny day which was ideal for butterflies (yay!) but not ideal for humans (lol). The butterfly exhibit cost extra but was definitely worth it especially since I borrowed a friend’s membership. I thought it might be difficult to take pictures of the butterflies and need to use shutter speed mode but they would stop on leaves and flowers long enough that I used aperture mode. I did edit the photos a little and used the lens hood with my 55m lens.

Mocker Swallowtail (above and below)

Black and Tan Page butterfly (above and below)

Thaos Swallowtail butterfly (above)

Thaos Swallowtail butterfly (above)

Common Morpho butterfly (above)

Black and Tan Page butterfly (above and below)

Common Morpho Butterfly (below)

Great Eggfly butterfly (below)

Thaos Swallowtail (above)

Great Eggfly butterfly (above)

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