Virginia Beach, Virginia

On my recent trip to Virginia Beach, VA I had the opportunity to photograph multiple subjects. This included my nephews (ages 5 and 2), the beach along the boardwalk, and a hike in the state park; First Landing. Being outdoors usually presents its own difficulties- knowing which ISO to use. Nephews have another challenge and that’s if they’re very active and I would try shutter speed. Even the beach was different because I forgot my lens hood when photographing my nephews and it would have been very helpful, you’ll see why soon enough. I decided not to edit my photos after uploading them to my Mac. Here are some photos from my trip along with what I learned:

These photos were taken from the same spot on the way to the beach at First Landing State Park. The top one faces east at 8:30 am and the bottom one faces more North, same time of day. I didn’t adjust the camera settings and you can see the difference in the sky and water between the two. It always seems like such a pain to adjust your camera settings, even ISO or white balance but here you can see the importance, the photos look different!


Just like the first two photos, these were taken at the same time of day and same settings (ISO 800 and f/5.6) the only thing that changed was my position relative to the leaves and I didn’t edit them. Interesting, right?

The next two photos are ones from my hike in the park.

The next three photos are of my nephews at breakfast making it easy to photograph them. Micah (below) looks like he’s up to something in the first photo….

Here’s some brotherly love:

And here’s Micah the merman:

Lastly this is the end of the boardwalk facing the Atlantic Ocean (when I remembered my lens hood):


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