Warm and Cozy Blankets

After I finished my granny square blanket for myself Mike asked for his own blanket. (He was jealous ;)) So I made him one with a ripple effect throughout, it’s peacock blue with a gray border, and he loves it. The pattern was from Red Heart Yarn.


After I made Mike’s blanket my mother in law asked for a blanket! She wanted a thick blanket so I used a bulky weight yarn and the pattern works in the back loop for each row. Her blanket was very warm because the purple is Lion Brand wool yarn and the gray is Lion Brand wool and acrylic blend. The great thing is the blanket is machine washable! The other great thing is I stay warm when making the blankets! This blanket wasn’t much of a pattern, you chain until you have your length and then do half double crochet stitches in the back look. I did 4 rows for each color until I ran out of yarn and reached my desired width.


2 thoughts on “Warm and Cozy Blankets

  1. My mother-in-law always used red heart yarn – did you knit it crochet it? Beautiful 😀

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