Exploring Minneapolis

Today was our first full day in Minneapolis and we had fun exploring the area surrounding us. I started the day off with a birthday pedicure. :) After that we headed downtown to the Mill City Museum. The museum was on a list of things to see in the city and since I love to bake I thought a flour factory would be fun. This museum was so much fun, there was a 19 minute video of how the town was built around the flour mill and how there was an explosion in the original mill and then later a fire. We rode the Flour Tower to the top and looked out on the observation deck which gave us a view of the Mississippi River and the Stone Arch Bridge.

Then we walked across the Stone Arch Bridge to Brasa Rotisserie. Brasa was on a list celebrity chef Andrew Zimmern recommended. The food was very good but I wouldn’t go there every week unless you have a salary equivalent to a celebrity chef. ;) We were excited to try Amore Uptown for dinner because it’s only a block from our rental. Amore gave us more for our dollar than lunch and when we were leaving the restaurant we saw Nicole Curtis (Rehab Addict TV Producer)!! Mike wouldn’t let me say hello but it was her with her son and he was eating buttered noodles. (Yum!)

Below are some pictures from the museum and our walk along the Stone Arch Bridge.




The remains of the Mill.



Mississippi River




The spot where a turbine used to be in the mill.



Today was on the chillier side and more fall like weather, in the 40’s, but it was sunny with blue skies all day long! Tomorrow we’ll be warmer and I’m excited to see more of this wonderful city, Mike and I love it!

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