Minnehaha Regional Park

Greetings from Minneapolis! (Uptown specifically) Mike and I are in Minnesota for my birthday weekend and we started off the afternoon with a great lunch at Northbound Smokehouse and Brewpub and then went to the waterfall at Minnehaha Regional Park. At Northbound I had a wild rice burger- it was vegetarian which wasn’t my concern but I love wild rice. The burger was delicious with cheddar cheese, a fresh ripe tomato slice, and garlic mayo. Yummy!

Then we went to the waterfall and walked around the park for a bit. Absolutely loved seeing the waterfall and the weather today was amazing- 63 degrees in Minnesota in November! For dinner we walked to a French restaurant near our vacation rental, Barbette. I tried Mike’s duck risotto which had duck confit and enjoyed my beef tenderloin. At the end of the night I had a cupcake we picked up from A Cupcake Social after lunch- Mississippi Mud Pie. It had a chocolate ganache on top of a chocolate cake that was dipped in crushed Oreo cookies.

Below are some pictures of the Minnehaha Park. More adventures to come!












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