Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)

This week I was sad to learn we weren’t receiving a CSA box on Thursday. We had our last box two weeks ago and will have to wait until late spring next year to participate again. I’ve decided to share with you what we learned from our CSA experience.

  1. The first box was tough, we had a lot of leafy greens and didn’t plan well and could have eaten a lot of salads.
  2. The second box was a little better and we shared some of our extra veggies with our upstairs neighbor.
  3. Our farm would send a newsletter with recipes which was really helpful when trying things we had never cooked like kohlrabi, rutabaga, and dragon beans.
  4. We are proud to cook and eat produce locally grown in Wisconsin, we still purchased other produce from the grocery store but enjoyed the feeling of supporting local farms.
  5. We expanded our cooking skills making homemade gazpacho, salsa, tarts, taco zucchini boats and more. We tried recipes in some of our cookbooks that I wouldn’t have considered making months ago.
  6. Things we made that we didn’t like: cabbage soup, delicata squash, zucchini chocolate chip bread.
  7. I’m glad we had a box every other week, sometimes I worried we wouldn’t eat all of the food before it went bad.


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