Holy Hill, National Shrine of Mary

This weekend I had the opportunity to visit the Holy Hill National Shrine of Mary. It’s located in Erin, WI which is near Hubertus and isn’t far from the apple orchard Mike and I went to a couple weeks ago. Holy Hill is a popular place to visit especially this time of year when the leaves have changed colors. There’s actually a website to track the leaves in Wisconsin to see which leaves are at their peak and which ones have fallen off the trees already. Luckily I checked to see when the observation tower is open because it’s only open through the end of this month and I was planning for a trip in November.

Driving out to Holy Hill I was fortunate to choose the scenic drive and could see the church from a distance and the last couple miles were windy roads that reminded me of home in Pennsylvania. I was warned that it would be busy this weekend and it certainly was, the weather was beautiful- upper 60’s and sunny, and the Packers played on Thursday night so I had to wait in line to go up the tower.


The steps to the top of tower were a mix of narrow and normal sized and there’s only one way up and one way down. Overall it didn’t take that long to get to the top and the view was worth it! They say you can view the Milwaukee skyline 30 miles away but even on a cloudless day I couldn’t make it out with my camera.








View from the top of the tower and the opposite tower.



Mike wasn’t with me for the trip to Holy Hill but since it’s Steelers game day I made sure to show my Steelers pride and take my Terrible Towel with me and get a picture at the top of the tower with it. :)


The scenic tower is the one on the right, Holy Hill is located at the highest elevation for Southeast Wisconsin, about 1,350 ft above sea level. You can certainly see how flat Wisconsin is from the height of the tower!


Inside stained glass window of the church.


The inside of the church was beautiful with the white marble and was restored in 2006.



This was above the sanctuary. Holy Hill attracts a lot of tourists when the tower is open and there were people taking selfies and pictures in front of the sanctuary. Being raised Catholic and simply just being religious and courteous, I am pretty shocked people would take selfies here.


Another beautiful stained glass window.


Waterfall with the Virgin Mary statue. I opted not to go to the outdoor Stations of the Cross but did take some photos of the fall colors on the way back to the parking lot.





I am so glad I took the time to see Holy Hill and the scenery!

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