Veggie ‘Ventures

We’ve been busy coming up with new ways to try all of our veggies from our CSA box! It was my goal last week to use up as many veggies as possible before they went bad. We gave one very big squash away but used the rest to make Zucchini/Squash stuffed boats and Zucchini Walnut Bread.

We loved the Italian Stuffed boats from Iowa Girl Eats with pizza sauce on top.

I tried Brown Eyed Baker’s Zucchini Walnut Cranberry Bread with the last box but this time left out the cranberries and loved it more!

Our second try at Dill Pickles was much better with our second box so we did the same recipe again with our fresh cucumbers. :)

There’s a farm near Mike’s office that had sweet corn available when I met him for lunch last week so I bought a dozen and froze 10 ears and left 2 ears for the weekend. We made a veggie risotto with more zucchini, corn, and local purple tomatoes from the farmer’s market. The stock we used was not one I’ve used for risotto but we still ate it, I just won’t use it again. ;) The recipe was from Iowa Girl Eats blog.

We’ve been adventurous with pickling and did homemade pickled jalapeños with jalapeños from the Farmers Market. I’m not a fan of jalapeños but Mike said they are better than the ones in a can at the store and taste fresher than the ones in the jar.

Also we had a little eggplant that I made into eggplant mozzarella sandwiches. I used flour, buttermilk (no egg), and parmesan cheese with breadcrumbs to bread them and baked the eggplant then had a piece of mozzarella in between two pieces with fresh basil. The result was DELICIOUS!

Our tomato plants are huge but no luck with tomatoes yet. We received one heirloom tomato in our CSA box that I had for lunch with fresh mozzarella, balsamic, basil and a baguette. Yum!


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