Gardening and Pickling

Mike and I are giving gardening a try this year but a small production with tomato plants that were started by a friend who kindly gave us 7 heirloom tomato plants. We transplanted them and have watched them grow from the first rung of the tomato cage and now they have reached the very top rung! They are big and strong and now we’re just waiting for some flowers to appear and then hopefully tomatoes.


I never used to like tomatoes much but recently I started enjoying Caprese salads. When I tried a homegrown tomato I was pleasantly surprised with the difference in taste compared to a store bought one or an under ripe one. When the tomatoes are ripe you can truly taste the difference and see the difference. It’s hard to be patient watching the plants grow but I’m proud of their progress!

On Saturday we went to the local farmer’s market and one stand had pickling cucumbers. We’ve never made homemade pickles before but wanted to give it a try. So we bought some jars, put them together and the flavors have been melding together. Mike also wanted to make pickled red onions so we did those too and yes, they are that pink in person!


This summer we are participating in a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) so I’ll be sure to share our adventures with that in the coming weeks!

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