Peaches: The Fuzzy Fruit

I honestly can’t say I’m a fan of peaches. Normally I love fruit in it’s natural form but when Mike and I bought fresh peaches from Georgia this month I was grossed out by the texture of the skin on the peach. But I decided to go out of my comfort zone and try some new recipes with peaches. I’ve had a blueberry peach baked oatmeal that I love and so I made a peach baked oatmeal from Two Peas and their Pod. I used 2% milk instead of almond milk and added fresh blueberries to my oatmeal in the morning and it was delicious!

I had the idea to make a flatbread with the peaches since we had leftover grilled flatbreads. We have prosciutto and I remembered fruit being paired with prosciutto and searched for a recipe with peach and prosciutto. Success! I found a pizza recipe that has mozzarella, prosciutto, peaches, and balsamic glaze with chopped basil. I was lucky to have everything on hand and the peaches help balance the saltiness of the prosciutto.


The last recipe I found using fresh peaches was peach upside down cake. It’s Alton Brown‘s recipe for two and it was perfect on our 2 year anniversary of Mike’s proposal. (Corny newlywed moment right there) Mike was really excited for the dessert because he loves peaches and upside down cake. :) The cake was a little gooey but still delicious.

File_000-4 copy

I recommend all three recipes discussed here, give them a try! And I’ve determined I like peaches when in something but not all natural. :)

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