Hello Summer and Grilled Flatbread!

Mike and I spent the weekend sprucing up our backyard. Some simple accents made our space into a wonderful retreat to enjoy the outdoors and have company over to grill or sit by the fire on a cold night. It was nice to have the time to get everything situated and try some new food and crafts!

The first thing we did was hang some string lights:

Then we enjoyed some grilled flatbread. The flatbread recipe was super simple and it was nice to use the grill rather than turn on the oven. Our kitchen retains heat well which works in the winter but not in the summer. And that means we cook less pizzas in the summer but I think we found a new way to make our delicious pizzas!

The flatbread was topped with fresh tomatoes, chopped rosemary, mozzarella, pepper, salt, and a balsamic glaze. We’re making the rest of the flatbreads for the Chill on the Hill event tonight- a free concert at the park by our house!


The final accent to our backyard was a handmade tiki torch. We had saved the bottle from Bulleit Bourbon and Mike put together this citronella tiki torch. It keeps the bugs away and brings lots of light when we don’t have a fire. Now we enjoy our backyard every night!


Behind the the bottle is our tomato plants which are growing like crazy! One of the Pilates instructors I work with had grown the tomatoes from tiny seeds and was willing to give some to me to hopefully enjoy this summer!

Here’s how our backyard oasis looks at night:

File_000 copyFile_001 copy

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