Ricotta Cheese

This week I decided to try making my own ricotta cheese. Homemade ricotta cheese is not hard, trust me, it’s one of the easiest things to make. You combine three ingredients, simmer on the stove, let them cool and then put in the fridge. That’s it!

If you’re going to make ricotta cheese you need to go all out and make whole milk ricotta cheese. I used my ricotta in my favorite gnocchi recipe from Chef GZ of the Food Network. Instead of a red sauce I did an olive oil sauce with fresh garlic, spinach, and peppers.

The gnocchi took a little more flour this time which could have been due to homemade ricotta, humidity in the kitchen or other factors but I was patient and added as much flour as I needed to achieve the right consistency. Also I used the leftover whey (the liquid strained from the cheese) to make homemade tortillas. No “whey” would I waste the whey! ;)

Ricotta Cheese

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