Olive Oil Cake

The first time I heard of olive oil cake I thought it was weird. Who puts olive oil in cake? I use it when cooking but not when baking. The olive oil works as your fat instead of butter or shortening and it doesn’t make it savory, partly because of the sugar you add to the cake. :) I mean it is cake after all. One of the reasons why I wanted to make this cake is because it has a strawberry rhubarb compote that accompanies it. When in Madison we purchased fresh rhubarb but sadly it went bad before we could make anything with it. I wanted to find something to make up for the loss before rhubarb went out of season so this was the perfect opportunity to try a cake I’ve never made.

This cake was so easy to make and it’s delicious with or without the compote. The recipe comes from Curtis Stone’s cookbook What’s for Dinner? Yet again Curtis’ recipes are as good as his looks. ;) ¬†Anyways, another great thing about this cake is it uses fresh rosemary and we have an abundance growing at home.

Olive Oil Cake

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