Crunchy Crumbly Granola Bars

I love granola bars but I will admit I can be picky about them. The granola bars I made this week are a favorite bar for me without a doubt. I’ve tried homemade ones before but they weren’t worthy enough to share. They were delicious and definitely edible but they were chewy and fell apart easily. This time I tried Brown Eyed Baker’s crunchy granola bars. They hold up pretty well but do crumble when eating them. But that’s better than the Nature Valley granola bars which are really tough to chew that I used to purchase. I wasn’t able to find brown rice syrup but after mixing the bars I saw the original recipe used molasses and agave nectar in place of the brown rice syrup which I will try next time. Those two ingredients are easier to find and we usually have them in our pantry.

I like the chewy texture of the cranberries in the bars along with the crunchy pieces of puffed rice. The bars aren’t too sweet and the peanut butter I used in place of almond butter is not over powering. It’s definitely a recipe I would make again!





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