My Facebook Hiatus

Hello. Happy Wednesday.

This year during Lent I decided to give up Facebook. I deleted it from my phone and logged out of my account on my computer but did not delete my account. Instead of giving up something physical or food related I thought Facebook was a good idea. I felt like I spent too much time looking at it on my phone or when I had free time. The free time without would give me an opportunity to read more books, go for a walk, and any other wonderful things. Today I’m sharing with you five things I learned during my Facebook hiatus.

  1. It gives me more free time. This was a goal I had when giving up something and it definitely was achieved.
  2. I use technology less, I am on my computer and phone less allowing me to be more present at home, out in the environment, etc.
  3. I am no less disconnected from my friends and family. I had wondered if I would feel like I’m missing out on things when not on Facebook but I text/call/email my close friends and family often enough that I may have only missed some photos posted. But overall I don’t feel like I’m out in the middle of nowhere with no contact to my social network.
  4. When I look at Facebook now I don’t feel any joy, it doesn’t make a difference whether I do or don’t look at my newsfeed. If anything I think a lot of stuff that’s posted on my newsfeed is useless, articles or videos that people share when what I really care about is what’s going with their lives.
  5. It’s better for my body. There are so many articles about text neck because of how often you look down at your phone. I have to be careful of this already with working cashier at a coffee shop or teaching people Pilates so let’s not make it any worse for me.


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