New Things and Places

Hello and Happy Voting Day!

Last week Mike and I decided to upgrade our couch (thank you Uncle Sam) and we love the new one! We purchased a sectional couch because our old one was an oversized love seat and only two people could sit comfortably. The new one has a more home feeling and can seat more than two! Plus we went with a more neutral color that will be versatile for whoever we live.


Couch selfie!!


This weekend we also tried a new restaurant in our lovely area of Bay View, Tenuta’s. It’s a small restaurant located off the main roads and we loved it! We decided to spoil ourselves and split a bottle of wine which was super tasty.


Mike decided to really spoil himself (JK) and ordered the “stuffed crust” pizza. We believe there is a typo on their menu because it’s a Stuffed pizza! He had one slice and we took the rest home. When we came home I weighed the leftovers and they were 6 pounds! Well worth the money spent with how much pizza we had leftover though!


The pizza was about an inch and a half high! I think next time we’ll get the same kind but with thin crust. ;)I had the shrimp scampi and it was delicious. We took home tiramisu and now I’m inspired to make my own. :)


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