I Met the President!

Happy Friday!

Yesterday started out as an ordinary day for me. I had the day off from our local coffee shop, Colectivo, so I decided to grab lunch in the area. The night before I thought about going to Engine Co 3 where Mike and I had brunch before.

When I arrived at the restaurant I noticed there were two guys out front with long black coats and the wired ear pieces. As I walked through the door I was met by a guy who asked to look in my purse wearing a bullet proof vest that said Secret Service. He asked me if anyone explained that they were with the Secret Service, I said no but I gathered that they were based on the ear pieces. Why they didn’t kick me out for saying that I have no clue! They used a wand to check my clothing as well and then I was able to sit down. I chose to sit at the bar because I was by myself. I didn’t know why the Secret Service was guarding my lunch eatery so I googled it and discovered that President Obama was coming to Milwaukee! I had no clue!

After about 5 minutes President Obama walks through the door! He said Hello everybody and then shook people’s hands as he walked along the bar. He came to me and I said Hi, my name’s Rachel. He asked me what the gold ‘P’ on my sweatshirt was for and I said the Pittsburgh Pirates. He said loud enough for the crowd to hear, “What’s a Pittsburgh fan doing in Milwaukee”? Someone mumbled something about them tolerating it and I said well we have a common dislike, the St. Louis Cardinals.

Then he continued saying hello to a few other people before going up the stairs to enjoy lunch. I still can’t believe it! Talk about being at the right place at the right time, this is something I will tell my grandkids about. You can even see the conversation in a video on Fox New’s website, it’s the one with the chalkboard menu at the beginning. So unbelievably cool!

President Obama walks in Engine Co 3
Shaking hands with diners.


The Obama caravan when leaving Engine Co 3


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