Hello!  This blog post isn’t about Alanis’ song but I thought it was appropriate when talking about the Mitchell Park Horticultural Conservatory or as they are commonly called in Milwaukee “The Domes”.

Last year we tried to visit the domes but it was on “Fairy Princess Day” when the admission was free and everyone in Milwaukee county decided to go. Two weekends ago we decided to check them out. I’m happy the admission wasn’t terribly expensive ($12 for two with a AAA discount) because we weren’t impressed. The desert dome was closed because of falling concrete and they were smaller than we expected. The good thing was we felt like we escaped Wisconsin when walking through the Tropical Dome.

Now it turns out that domes are closed indefinitely due to structural issues. Ironic? Milwaukeeans (?) are sad that the domes may no longer be part of Milwaukee but I can’t say that I agree with them. At least we checked it off the list!


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