Last Swing Before the Ring


Again, I apologize for the infrequency of posts. I truly have been enjoying my summer, Pilates training, and wedding planning. It’s hard to believe the wedding is less than a month away, almost 20 days! And Milwaukee finally has some summer weather! Last week I went to the lake and took the free time in my schedule to rent a kayak for an hour at the park and try paddle boarding for the first time. Paddle boarding was not as hard as I thought (must be all of the Pilates I’m doing ;)), that is until I had to turn around and paddle into the wind.

About two weeks ago I went home for my Bridal Extravaganza day. We had my bridal shower in the morning and then headed downtown for the Pirates game which is why my bachelorette party was called Last Swing Before the Ring.

My shower was great! It was a small group of close friends and family and very laid back which was wonderful.


One of our favorite gifts was a smokey joe charcoal grill which will be awesome for tailgating. Can you tell I’m excited once I realized what it was??

My matron of honor did not plan any games for the shower but after some discussion they decided that a toilet paper dress was appropriate. Everyone worked together to create a dress with one shoulder, corset back, train, and veil. #teamworkmakesthedreamwork. I’m pretty sure I wore this expression the entire time they worked on the dress:


The Pirates game was awesome! We won the game and there was a fan jam concert after with OAR performing. My matron of honor did an awesome job creating goodie bags for everyone. There certainly isn’t a lot of themed items for a Last Swing Before the Ring bachelorette party but she still had a fun time on Etsy. The goodies included pins, hair ties, chapstick, and can coozies:


Also my bridesmaids did a great job with signs for the game like: Bachelorette on Deck, Last Pitch Before Rachel gets Hitched, Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend, and of course Last Swing Before the Ring. Last but not least my sash for the evening was fabulous, it had the Pirates colors on it and the bow has a pin with the Pittsburgh Pirates logo.
Knight in Armor

I couldn’t have asked for a better weekend and send off before Mike and I say ‘I Do’. And as a bonus I got to spend time with my nephew who becomes more adorable every day, Jacob. He did a great job taking a selfie while listening to the ocean. :)


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