Fresh Basil!


Look- fresh basil!

I know it’s been awhile since my last post. Mike and I are still settling into to our new place and having lots of fun exploring our new neighborhood! Last week we had an opportunity to try something new and of course the recipe was from one of our favorite blogs: Iowa Girl Eats.

When we went to the store to purchase everything for her Grilled Caprese Chicken, I asked Mike if we could just buy a basil plant for $5 rather than buy the pre cut packs of basil. Best investment ever! I love our basil plant! The chicken was delicious! We will totally cook it again and I used fresh basil on top of my pizza last night. PS- homemade pizza plus no AC plus 80 degree weather= not a good mix. But the pizza was still delicious. ;)

What new recipes have you tried lately?

2 thoughts on “Fresh Basil!

  1. I love fresh grown basil! It’s so much better than the packaged version :) I’ve been growing basil for a few months now and it’s the perfect addition to so many different dishes :) Plus it makes tasty homemade pesto!

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