Weekend in Columbus

Wow…I haven’t posted anything in almost a month! Sorry about that! Things have been busy for me and Mike and the blog got away from me a little bit.

I hope you had a great Memorial Day weekend! Did you try any new recipes? We traveled to Columbus to finalize some details for our wedding and it was a great trip! The items we checked off our list were: hair trial for me, meeting our officiant in person, and tasting cocktails to decide on what our signature cocktail will be. We’ve named our cocktail the Tipsy Thompson and the name fits because you will get tipsy when you start drinking it!

The rest of the weekend was about going to our favorite places together and reuniting with our favorite city. ColumbUS is where we became US and the city always makes us feel welcome. The city didn’t disappoint this weekend and I wish we were still living there but home is wherever I am with Mike, except for Minnesota or North Dakota, and maybe a couple others. ;)

Here are some highlights from our trip:

We drove to Columbus to save some money and it was a fun road trip!
Pre Road Trip Photo

Jeni’s ice cream reopened this weekend so we made sure to support one of our favorite local businesses while in town. Gosh, I miss Jeni’s!
Jenis Ice Cream

As I mentioned, we tasted some cocktails and here is the Tipsy Thompson:
Tipsy Thompson

Mike has never been to the Big Bang piano bar and we plan to sing and dance at the Big Bang the evening of our wedding (our reception is in the afternoon) so I showed him what a real piano bar is like. We have been to Lucille’s in Milwaukee and it was awful. Big Bang is so much better even if they didn’t play Hang on Sloopy.
Big Bang

Sunday we walked around downtown, through Arch Park, and along the river before going to the Clippers game in the afternoon, which was super hot by the way. September weather will be interesting in Columbus!
Arch Park

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