Chicken Bacon Creamy Garlic Penne

Hi there!

How have you been? I’ve been busy, busy, and more busy!

Yesterday I was finally able to run to prepare for the Rock n Sole race in June and then afterwards I made Iowa Girl Eats’ Chicken Bacon Creamy Garlic Penne for dinner. Oh my gosh, total flavor bomb here! This dish was amazing, it’s rich and creamy but the sauce isn’t 100% cream, it’s half chicken broth and half milk. We had cherry tomatoes on hand so I used them instead of sun dried tomatoes and no spinach or artichokes but I added fresh broccoli. I can’t wait to have the leftovers for dinner tonight! Oh and I use whole wheat penne too. :) This recipe mimics the pizza from Papa Murphy’s which I think I’ve tried but this is way better.
Chicken Bacon Creamy Garlic Penne

When I went home for Easter I couldn’t believe how much my nephew has grown! He talks more, knows more words and likes to mimic things, like his Dad here:
Jacob and David

This past weekend I was excited that the Pittsburgh Pirates were in town playing the Brewers. I was not excited that we lost the game I went to and won the other two games (which I didn’t attend). But hey, 2 out 3 wins in the series is fine with me! Now we just need to beat them when they play us in Pittsburgh this weekend. I’m happy baseball season has started and I hope the Pens make it past round one in the playoffs.
Pirates 4.11.15

What is new with you? What recipes have you tried recently?

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