Run with Rachel- Keep Your Runs Fun

Hi there!

Sorry for the lack of posts lately- I traveled back home to see my family at Easter and took many adorable photos of my 2 year old nephew that I still have to edit and then Tuesday I was hit with an allergy attack. I’m pretty sure it’s allergies- I don’t have the aches/pain/chills associated with a cold so that’s good. If only my sinuses would clear up and I didn’t feel like I was walking through a wind tunnel (ears). Soon though! Hopefully I’ll be right as rain in time for the weekend!

So how are you doing with your fitness/running goals? Are you still staying on track? I had planned to run/walk on Tuesday until I felt sick and instead took a break so that my body could get some rest.

Today I wanted to offer some tips on how to not get bored with your running/walking. Sometimes when running long distances or just going further than you have before seems daunting. Some runners enjoy wearing headphones and listening to music. I’m personally not a fan because I will fidget with the headphones to get them to stay in or switch to the next song which will result in bad form.
Now that I’m walking and running some days (my goal is 2 times per week for 35 minutes for this month), I try to keep it interesting. Currently I run in my front of my apartment and there are a bunch of driveways and mailboxes. So I usually start at a driveway, walk to the next one, and then start running and run from one driveway to the next. It’s the same as interval training. If you wear a watch you could time yourself and after 4 minutes you can run for 1 minute. This is what keeps me from looking at a watch constantly and saying “only 15 more minutes”, “only 10 more minutes”, etc. Otherwise if this doesn’t work try losing yourself in your thoughts about something fun, like an upcoming vacation.

How do you keep your run interesting?
Running ecard


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