Coconut Almond French Toast

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How are you? I hope your week is off to a great start!

Mike and I tackled some of the recipes I wanted to try over the weekend and here are our thoughts on whether it was a Flip or Flop:

Popcorn Shrimp [Gimme Some Oven]- Flop

This was a flop for us. For me the flavor of the shrimp was hidden behind the breadcrumbs. I love eating shrimp cocktail without cocktail sauce. We ended up using a whole egg and not just an egg white (making it less skinny) and also using flour because I was worried the breadcrumbs wouldn’t stick. As Mike pointed out if you’re going to have popcorn shrimp you’re well aware it’s bad for you and you’re ok with that decision. I certainly like making some things healthier or lightening them up such as a mix of broth and cream in a soup for example but for us this one didn’t turn out as well as we hoped.

Coconut Shrimp

Glazed Pecans [Pillsbury]- Flip

We flippin’ loved these pecans! They were so simple to make. I added a pinch of salt to the glaze to make sure it wasn’t too sweet. You can still taste the nuttiness of the pecans but for those who don’t love raw pecans (me) the glaze gives it some extra flavor and in a good way. I would definitely make these again, they are a great snack and you’re satisfied after eating a couple, if you have self-control to stop. ;)

Coconut Almond French Toast [Food Network]- Flip

I would say this French toast was a flip. We made some adjustments to the recipe. I used half of the half and half 2% milk. We don’t have a food processor so we chopped the coconut and almonds and then made them into the paste. We forgot to add more coconut on top before placing it in the oven. Also, we ended up cooking ours for about 60 minutes, it still jiggled a little when we took it out but it set up after we let it cool. This dish is not too sweet but the coconut almond crust does have some sweetness to it. I would definitely recommend this for a brunch or when you’re having a bunch of people over during the holidays.
IMG_0507 (1024x683)

IMG_0508 (1024x598)

The only thing I didn’t make was the granola but it’s still on my list! It’s possible I’ll make it this weekend when we have family visiting. :)

2 thoughts on “Coconut Almond French Toast

  1. I will definitely try the pecans and the French toast would be a good dish for our annual MPC Lab appreciation breakfast!

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