Run with Rachel

Are you new to running? Or have you taken a recent break from running due to an injury, winter, or being sick? Well you’re not alone!

I have not run outside since October when I first became sick with that nasty stomach flu/virus. Then came winter with the blisteringly cold temperatures and short days and who wants to run in that?

In December I decided to sign up for the Rock n Sole quarter marathon (6.55 miles) before the price went up and because I was determined to get back into running shape after being sick. When I registered I knew training might be tough but signing up for the race was key to keeping me motivated.

So I’d like you to join me! Do you have a race that you’ve signed up for and need some extra motivation every once in a while? Or are you new to running and would like some unsolicited advice from someone who enjoys running and has found certain things work for him/her? Then you can look no further!

I will continue to share my thoughts about returning to running and any tips that I think might be useful. I hope you’ll join me!


Disclaimer: I am sharing my own thoughts and opinions and what has worked for me and my body. Before running be sure to consult with your doctor and only do what works for your body. I am not a licensed professional for sports medicine or anything of that nature nor am I claiming to be.

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