Frugal Friday

Happy Friday!

It’s almost the weekend! :) I have a long weekend ahead of me but I’m excited to go out to dinner at Louise’s this weekend with Mike. I’m especially excited because my stomach is doing a lot better and I’ll be able to eat whatever I choose on the menu and enjoy it. Last time we went it was my birthday weekend and I was still sick from the infection I caught in October. So cheers to good food this weekend!

I know I typically post a Fab Five on Fridays but decided to go a different route now that Mike and I are really getting into the wedding planning. Once January hit our list of things to do increased which is great. It’s been exciting to make decisions and see our plans come together for the wedding we envision.

Some of the big to do’s we accomplished this month were deciding on where to have our rehearsal dinner and reserving the place, and reserving our ceremony musicians.

I’ve said it many times since I said Yes to Mike, once you put ‘Wedding’ in front of anything it seems like the cost goes up 400%. Absolutely, positively, crazy. But I’m a frugal person and by frugal I mean I look to save money on a good quality products or services, I’m not cheap which in my mind is going for the cheapest option but it may not be the best product or service. I like to hunt for those bargains.

So for Frugal Friday I’m sharing with you where we’ve been able to save money on our wedding and how much based on other vendors in the Columbus area that I quoted.

– Cake [Saved $40]
– Flowers [Saved $155.26]
– Ceremony Musicians [Saved $210]
– Photography [Saved $1400]
– Save the Date cards [Saved $68.88]

In total we’ve saved $2,739.00!! I think that’s pretty awesome. :)

Counting down the days until we say “I DO”!
Knot Countdown

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