2015 Recipe Resolutions


How’s it going? This post is about 21 days later than I planned to write but hey, that’s ok with me. Last year I ventured into the world of baking with yeast after receiving my fabulous Kitchen Aid Mixer for Christmas. I made pizza dough, cinnamon raisin bread, brioche, dinner rolls, and cinnamon rolls for the first time and loved them all. I was certainly worried about working with yeast for the first time but found that it wasn’t too difficult. This year I’d like to try making some of my favorite things from scratch and so my 2015 recipe resolutions include:

1. Baklava

2. Challah bread

3. Pierogies

4. Tortillas

5. Bagels

After I try each one I’ll let you know how it turns out! What are your recipe or non-recipe resolutions for 2015?

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