Christmas in the Mountains

Hi there! Happy New Year’s Eve!

How was your Christmas? I hope Santa brought you everything you hoped for, he certainly did for me! This Christmas Mike and I spent our vacation with his family in the Rocky Mountains. I’ve never been to the Rocky Mountains before and it was so beautiful and we had a great time. We stayed in Estes Park and the elevation was about 7500 ft, around a mile and a half up! Our cabin was great and it had a hot tub outside. We sat in the hot tub while the snow was falling on Christmas Day. It was hard to come back to Wisconsin after a relaxing vacation but we did and here are some snapshots to recap our trip.

The view from our cabin:
Estes Park

Some mule deer wandering near our cabin:
Mule Deer

Snow falling on Christmas (we had 8 inches!):

Thompson Family (and Thompson to be):
Christmas with Thompsons

The Stanley Hotel (which was the inspiration for the Shining):
Stanley Hotel

Slap Shot, the mascot for the Colorado Eagles AHL hockey team:
Slap Shot

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