Friday’s Fab Five

Hi there! Happy Friday!

Are you excited for the weekend? Thanksgiving is almost here and I can hardly believe it! Mike and I have a busy weekend before we travel for the holiday at the busiest time of year for travelers. Today’s fab five is a special Thanksgiving one with all of my favorite things about Thanksgiving and they all start with an ‘F’! I thought that was cute. :)

I hope you have a great weekend and be safe when traveling over the holiday!

#5 Family and Friends
I’m excited to travel home for Thanksgiving to see my family and also to spend time with my friends. Since I’ll only be home a couple of times before the wedding I have plans for my bridesmaids to try on dresses which I’m very excited for! I’m excited to see them and also to accomplish some more wedding planning!

Best Friends!
Best Friends!

#4 Food
My body is Slowly getting back to normal and I’m having dairy again in small doses but I’m excited for the food at Thanksgiving. One of my favorite dishes is the sweet potato casserole my mom makes that I posted after Easter. Yes,  it’s made with canned yams but it’s delicious!

Last Year's Thanksgiving
Last Year’s Thanksgiving

#3 Football
I love football, it’s one of my favorite sports and even if my team doesn’t play on Thanksgiving I still enjoy having it on in the background while hanging out with my family.
Friends Football

#2 Fashion- Black Friday
I don’t have plans to participate in any Black Friday shopping this year but I have in the past and have found some really good deals. I can’t believe some stores have started opening as early as 6 pm Thursday night!
Black Friday

#1 Fall
Fall is one of my favorite seasons and there are many reasons why- my birthday, Thanksgiving, the leaves changing, crisp but not cold weather, etc. I just hope we don’t have snow on Thanksgiving, the day after is ok!
Fall Tree

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