Wishful Wednesday

Happy Wednesday!

Today is Wishful Wednesday because I’m wishing this stomach virus would go away. Also known as the ‘stomach flu’, it’s the pits, and it’s nicknamed the stomach flu but isn’t actually the flu. I’ve been stuck at home since Friday afternoon and I’m going bonkers!

I’ve hardly had an appetite at all with this thing and I’m growing tired of my bland diet of cheerios and saltines. Last night I felt rambunctious and decided to try some Quaker oatmeal. I only ate half but today I was more successful and ate the entire thing! Small victory!

Next task is to eat a banana! Not having an appetite has certainly made it difficult for us to try new recipes and share with you, I’ve had this virus for 5 days and they say it can last 7-10 days! But we did make some chili this weekend- the fall temperatures made it an appropriate weekend to enjoy some and I did manage to eat some on Saturday after we slowly jogged a 5.5K.
Monster Run Race

After not training as often as we planned, Mike and I ran the 5.5k instead of the quarter marathon we had signed up for. But we still received quarter marathon shirts and medals. :) I don’t know how I managed to run the race but I have definitely felt better when I get up and walk around. We finished in 44:44 and I’ll take it! PS- this run was about 5 minutes from our apartment- Awesome!
Monster Run Swag

Even though I’ve felt like crap, we did get out and walk around our neighborhood a little and enjoy some of the fall colors before all of the leaves fall. This tree reminds me of the one in my mom’s backyard so I had to snap a pic!
Fall Tree

One nice thing to have this week while I’m home resting and channeling my inner super powers to heal me quickly, is the addition of our new coffee table to our living room! I love this table. We found it on Craigslist for $40! We want to put a cool decal design or chalkboard paint on it to make it our own but haven’t decided yet. I can’t believe we went without a coffee table for a whole year!
Coffee Table

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