Friday’s Favorites

Hi there!

I know Friday is almost over but while it’s still Friday I wanted to share some favorites, favorites from our engagement photo shoot!! Woo! I was so excited when our photographer emailed us saying the photos were ready. We have been Anxiously waiting for two and half weeks! Two and half weeks isn’t that long but we wanted to see them right after we did the session. :)

I’m glad we were able to take engagement photos before the wedding because it certainly gave us experience with a camera being around us and taking A LOT of pictures in an hour. I can only imagine how many photos we’ll take for the wedding!

We chose a cute little town, Cedarburg, where we went for Strawberry Festival the day after Mike proposed and it was a perfect fall day! Remember how I said I was guilty of that list of things white girls do in the fall? Engagement photos in the fall is on the list! :)

Here are my favorites!

Me and Mike

Me and Mike Fall

Me and Mike Bridge

Me and Mike Steelers

Photos were taken by Sarah Jayne Photography.

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