Friday’s Fab Five

Hello! And Happy Friday!

Are you ready for the weekend? Do you have any fun plans? As always for every weekend in the fall Mike and I will be watching football! But we’re also having our engagement photos taken! I’m excited, I had my nails done yesterday (shellac mani) and tonight I’m going to stop at the jewelry store and have them clean my ring so it really sparkles! When deciding what to wear for the photos I took the advice of one of my favorite fashion bloggers: J’s Everyday Fashion. I think all of her tips are great.

I know it’s been awhile since I’ve had a Friday’s Fab Five but I have a great list for you today! What do you think of the Friday’s Fab Five, do you love it or hate it? Please let me know in the comments section!

Have a great weekend everyone!

#5 James Harrison is back!
I’m so happy that James Harrison retired as a Steeler and due to recent injuries for our current defense, has come out of retirement and resigned with the Steelers!
James Harrison

#4 Buctober
The Pirates have officially made it to the post season! There’s still a chance they could beat St. Louis for the division title but at this point I’m just super happy that we’re in the post season and it’ll be Buctober again!

#3 Bride Sunglasses
I just recently came across the website Zazzle and I love the Bride sunglasses they have! I think the website has some great options for Christmas gifts too, maybe I’ll end up ordering the sunglasses along with gifts!
Bride Sunglasses

#2 Braided Nutella Bread
This braided nutella bread looks delicious! I normally don’t make nutella flavored things- I go for chocolate or peanut butter more often but I think I would give this bread a try and I may need to check out more recipes from Inspired by Charm!
Braided Nutella Bread

#1 Fall Outfit
Now that it’s officially fall that means sweater weather, riding boots, vests, flannel shirts and more! By the way, did you see the list of 25 Things Basic White Girls Do in the Fall? Guilty! lol. But I do love this outfit for fall.
Fall Outfit

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