Lemon Blueberry Cupcakes

Hi there!

We’ve made it over the hump and the weekend is in sight! I can’t wait for Friday because Mike returns from his weeklong trip for work. Our past couple of weekends have been crazy and this coming weekend is no exception but hopefully we find some time to kick back and relax. Maybe by 7:30 pm when the Steelers play. ;)

Last weekend was a wonderful weekend because both of our families came to visit and while the guys went to play golf, the mom’s and I went shopping for my wedding dress! I did find one but no details to share because my fabulous fiancé is a great supporter and follower of my blog and I don’t want him to know a thing! I’m just going to say the dress is awesome and I’m sad I can’t try it on every day.

I had two bridal appointments and after a long two hours at the first one and no dress purchased, we went to lunch- because no important decision should be made on a hungry stomach- and then we went to the second appointment where the last dress I tried on was The Dress.

Thursday nigh before our company arrived I made these Lemon Blueberry Cupcakes from Pioneer Woman for our guests- they were a great treat to eat after a long day of shopping! Mike and I loved the flavor of the cupcakes but we weren’t 100% on the frosting. Our families however liked the frosting more than us. I would definitely make these cupcakes again but I might actually take the easy way out and use store bought frosting- cream cheese frosting. Either way- if you need a dessert for a party or potluck- this is the one to make! Enjoy!
Lemon Blueberry Cupcake

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