The Black Keys and Cage the Elephant

Hi there!

How was you week and weekend? Mine was great but more on that later, first…

Mike and I went to see the Black Keys and Cage the Elephant Tuesday and the concert was amazing! The Black Keys are one of our favorite bands and when I heard they were coming to Milwaukee I told Mike right away that we had to go. And he agreed. :)

We’ve seen both bands before but not together. We saw Cage the Elephant when they were headliners for the CD 102.5 Holiday Show for the Kids. We had to work the next day and one of the songs I really wanted to hear was ‘Shake Me Down’ which they played as we left the show early to head home. (Doesn’t it always work that way?) I admit that when I heard Cage the Elephant was the opening act I was like ok, sure but not super excited. That changed Tuesday night. Mike and I didn’t realize how many songs we knew! Mike said there was only one song he didn’t know and it was only a couple for me. We’ve definitely underestimated how good Cage the Elephant is and how much we like their music. They certainly exceeded our expectations!!
Cage the Elephant

And then the Black Keys came on. They opened with ‘Dead and Gone’ and the set list went through some songs from the El Camino album as well as a couple from the new Turn Blue album plus songs from their first few albums. The variety of songs was awesome- I really like their new album but it is definitely mellower than the El Camino album, which is the album I know the best. Shortly after 10 pm they said they would play a couple more songs. I was like ‘a couple more?!’ They had already played so many songs! One of my favorite songs was ‘A Girl like You’ which is actually a cover, Edwyn Collins sang it originally. The song was well suited for the Black Keys because if I didn’t know the song and they didn’t say it was a cover I would have thought it was their own. If you listen to the Black Keys and listen to the original version you’ll know exactly what I mean.
The Black Keys 2

For the encore the Black Keys played Little Black Submarine which is one of the songs I love from the El Camino album. I believe it has a nice Led Zeppelin feel to it in the beginning and I love the slow tempo at the start that transitions to a faster tempo for the second half of the song. They also played ‘Lonely Boy’ and the last song they played was without the two additional musicians on the tour, just Dan and Patrick- and it was a great way to finish the concert. They rocked it out which is why I think the Black Keys are one of the greatest bands out there right now.
The Black Keys

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