Sunday Funday

Hi there!

How was your weekend? Did you do anything fun, try anything new?

Mike and I tried two new things on Sunday- brunch at Café Centraal and the Milwaukee Traveling Beer Garden. I’ve had brunch at Café Centraal before but Mike hasn’t and he was excited to try the Cheesy Gooey Spicy Mess. That dish looks like it should be reserved for those with iron clad stomachs! It pretty much has everything but the kitchen sink in it but Mike enjoyed it.

I decided to try the banana bread French toast. It reminded me of the zucchini French toast made on The Kitchen recently and I was very curious to see how it would taste. Turns out I like French toast with a regular type bread! This French toast was made with a peanut butter crème anglaise (which I don’t understand) and once I realized this I politely asked for it without the peanut butter. The banana bread makes the French toast very dense and heavy (go figure) and I couldn’t even finish the two slices they served.

The weather has been crazy out here and we went from 80 on Saturday to 64 on Sunday! But that just meant it was latte season or in my case, café au lait.
Cafe Au Lait

We didn’t take many pictures at the Beer Garden, unusual I know, but it was really cool. The beer is from the local brewery Sprecher and you can also buy their homemade root beer which is what I had and it’s very good! The Sprecher beer truck looks like a fire truck. Mike and I hung out for a bit sipping (root) beer and showing off our Nebraska Husker pride among all of the Badger fans!
Nebraska Pride

As I mentioned on Friday, I ran the Dirty Girl 5K Mud Run this weekend. Since the event isn’t timed I was able to do it whenever I wanted rather than the time I signed up for (1:45 pm) and I’m so glad I did! I ran with my friend and her mom and it was a great time, more fun than it would have been by myself. There was a lot of space in between the obstacles that I didn’t like but there was plenty of mud! We went down the mud slide and at that point if you weren’t too muddy, you were after going down the slide! Some of the obstacles had little rocks on the bottom which tore up my knees and legs but those are the extent of my injuries. I’m just happy I got all of the mud off me! I don’t plan on doing another mud run…but I’m glad I can check it off my list!

Mud Run Before
Mud Run Before
Mud Run After
Mud Run After

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