Vanilla Orange French Toast

Hi there! How was your weekend?

Our weekend was awesome! We did a handful of things but it wasn’t too busy and we were happy to sleep in and relax, I even went to the pool for a bit! Can you believe it’s August already?! Time is flying by and I want it to slow down only because I dread winter. But before we get to that season we have Fall which means…football! I was so happy to watch the Hall of Fame football game even if it was a preseason game and the Steelers weren’t playing. The sounds of the game just make me all happy inside.

Something else that makes me all happy inside is French toast! A while back Mike and I were talking about comfort foods for one another and French toast is definitely a comfort food for me. Kind of weird, I know, but I could eat it every day and any time of day! So this weekend Mike promised me I could have French toast for breakfast and I was a happy camper. Then on Sunday we went to Brunch and I had French toast again and it wasn’t half as good as mine! I don’t mean to brag but wait until you try my version and then tell me what you think!
Vanilla Orange French Toast 3

1 loaf Challah bread (or another egg based bread)
3 eggs
Half and half (or 2% milk)
Zest of an orange and juice of half an orange

French toast is one of the few recipes I don’t use measurements for and it’s because I’ve been making it for so long that I just eyeball everything. So bear with me and with some trial and error you’ll have the right blend! Also it’s a very easy and basic breakfast but I’ve found adding flavors like vanilla or orange can make it 10 times better!

  1. Mix ingredients in this order in a shallow rectangular dish: a couple dashes of cinnamon, a splash of vanilla, zest of one orange, juice of half an orange. Whisk the ingredients together and then add 3 eggs and half and half. I really just look to see when I have a good mixture of egg and milk in the dish, if you like more ‘eggy’ French toast add less milk, if you add a less ‘eggy’ French toast add more milk.
  2. Heat a nonstick skillet to medium heat. Spray skillet with cooking spray. Dip a slice of bread in the batter, let sit for a little bit to soak up the egg and milk mixture, then flip and coat the other side. Place bread in skillet and cook until golden brown and then flip. Repeat with the remaining slices.
  3. Serve with warm butter, maple syrup, or my favorite- powdered sugar. (I forgot that this weekend!)

I hope you enjoy this recipe- it’s one of my favorites and you can really taste the orange and vanilla flavor- they pair so well together!

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