Five Fab Summer Recipes

Happy Friday!

Sorry for the lack of recipe posts lately, I haven’t had much free time to try something new and this week so I only cooked a little bit and it was quick and easy. Last night I went to Milwaukee’s Jazz in the Park concert in the East Town area downtown. It’s a free concert and Nick Waterhouse was playing. This was my first time at Jazz in the Park and it was great. You can bring blankets and chairs and the restaurants that are across from the park set up booths where you can buy food and drinks.
Nick Waterhouse

I love his song “This is a Game” featured on the Lexus car commercial. Afterwards I was able to get a picture with him! I was one happy lady!
Me and Nick Waterhouse

So for today’s fab five I decided to create a list of my favorite recipes to make during the summer. I know in some areas of the US it doesn’t feel like summer (ahem, Wisconsin) but it’s the season for lemon, orange, and fresh fruits and vegetables. Give one of these recipes a try and let me know what you think!

#5 Zucchini Bread
Zucchini Bread

#4 Cherry Orange Muffins
Cherry Orange Muffins

#3 Cherry and Lemon Crisp
Cherry and Lemon Crisp

#2 Red, White, and Blue Kabobs
Red White and Blue Kabobs

#1 Lemon Ricotta Cookies
lemon ricotta cookies, yummy! :)

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