Friday’s Fab Five

Hi there! Happy Friday!

Boy, the week has flown by! I’m still amazed at how summer seems to fly by and winter drags on, why can’t summer be longer? Although, it doesn’t really feel like summer in Wisconsin. The high’s have been in the 70’s and it’s July! Last year I remember having a week of 90 degree weather and now this! I used to think Ohio weather was unpredictable until I moved to Wisconsin.

This week I’m bringing a slightly different Fab Five to you. Mike and I Love music, it’s one of the things we have in common and love going to concerts (hence Dave Matthews Band) and enjoy discovering new music. One of our favorite radio stations in Milwaukee is Radio 88.9 MKE. They play music I haven’t heard before and local bands. Recently I was looking through my Sound Hound app on my iPhone (I prefer Sound Hound to Shazam) and I couldn’t believe how many new artists I discovered while listening to 88.9! So I’ve listed 5 of my favorite new songs/artists for you to listen to. Let me know what you think!

Have a great weekend!

#5 “Chain My Name” by Polica

#4 “Always” by Panama

#3 “If I Go” by Ella Eyre

#2 “Columbus” by Snowmine (I couldn’t resist a song called Columbus :))

#1 “Forever” by HAIM (featured in the Nissan Sentra commercials)

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