Grilled Sweet Potatoes

Hi there!

Are you read for the 4th?! I am! I can’t wait for fireworks in Chicago and good music.

Yesterday I had a dentist appointment to have two cavities filled. I’ve only had one cavity and that was four years ago so I was freaking out a little. One of the staff even went into the lobby to tell Mike I was doing great even though I had to remind myself to breathe and was a little shaky after. I wanted to have a milkshake after (counterintuitive I know) but because my top and bottom left side were numb I wasn’t able to drink. I saved it for later though! But the numbness resulted in me having an Elvis lip curl when I smiled, haha!
Elvis Lip Curl

But it’s summertime which means…grilling season!

I love grilling for a number of reasons- you’re not cooking in the kitchen making the apartment/house 100 degrees, usually the food we grill is healthier- the fat drips away on the grill, and we adventure into the unknown and try new things. The last one is what I’m talking about today.

Recently we tried grilling sweet potatoes on the grill. We sliced the sweet potato into 1”-1-1/2″ disks and seasoned them and grilled them until they were soft. So far we’ve tried a spicy version using olive oil, salt, pepper, cayenne, and smoked paprika.

Next time I want to try it my way- basted with a little butter and cinnamon. I like my sweet potatoes sweet and sometimes the sweeter the better. I like to enjoy the loaded sweet potato from Texas Roadhouse once in a while, the one with mini marshmallows piled high but that would create a giant mess on the grill! Maybe I can find a way to incorporate the marshmallows after grilling – another day and another time!

Try grilling your sweet potatoes the next time you have some and let me know what you think!

Grilled Sweet Potatoes

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