Focaccia Bread- in the Cast Iron Skillet!

Hi there! Raise your hand if you love freshly baked bread! Yes, that’s definitely me! I love bread (carbs + runners = love) and I’m so glad I can enjoy any bread I fancy. I don’t know what I would do if I was allergic to gluten. It would be a long road ahead and I hope it doesn’t happen. Now that I have a Kitchen Aid mixer I enjoy trying out new breads especially a quick and easy one like the 1 Hour Skillet Focaccia Bread from Crunch Creamy Sweet. At first I found it hard to believe it could be done in one hour but it’s true! After Mike’s quick trip to the store for more flour (hate it when that happens) we were on our way to some tasty bread with an herb butter. Skillet Focaccia This bread is so good and I loved eating it with some olive oil with Italian seasoning. If only we still had some of Giada’s Marinara Sauce for dipping but it’s all frozen. Next time though! Another thing I loved about this recipe is I was able to use my cast iron skillet. With a little cooking spray before laying the dough in the pan, the bread came out perfectly! Oh, and you don’t need bread flour, just regular old All Purpose Flour. So what’s stopping you? Start mixing!

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