Adirondack Chairs: DIY

Happy Tuesday!

It is finally time for the big reveal….our Adirondack chairs are done and on the patio! What do you think? I love them!
Outside Patio (2)
Yellow, (Summer Squash is the official name) was the chosen color (Olympic Paint, of course) because when I thought about it there’s a lot of green around our patio- grass, trees, bushes, etc. and thought the yellow would brighten things up a bit. Then when we placed them on the patio with our Pirates flag I realized how much of a Pittsburgh theme we have going on, especially because we have a Pittsburgh flag for each professional sports team. Oh well, you know what they say, bleed black and gold! But for your reference the chairs are yellow, not Pittsburgh gold. ;)

I was really happy when I asked Mike to make the chairs and he was 100% for the idea. The chairs are comfortable and just emanate a relaxing atmosphere. The longest part was probably the painting. I started the first chair before we went on vacation and then it was a matter of finding time to paint and finish the second one. But we finished them just in time for the first day of summer! We plan to make a foot stool but that will be done at a later time and we’re going to paint it Lemon Grass, the second color option.
Paint Swatch

I found a couple of plans for the chairs on Pinterest but the one Mike chose was from Lowe’s website.
Adirondack Chairs

Here is the link for the plans (Lowe’s).

The chairs are very easy to make and we decided to have the top of the chairs curve. I drive by a local furniture store every day on my way to work where they have Adirondack chairs out on display and ours are 100 times better especially because we made them! And they were cheaper than the ones I see; it’s kind of a high end store.

Mike in our Adirondack Chairs
Mike in our Adirondack Chairs!

Mike did a great job, what a handyman I tell ya! So now it’s your turn!



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