Lighter General Tso’s

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Last week Mike and I tried a homemade version of the popular Chinese dish General Tso’s. This version is lighter than what you purchase for take out and it’s very delicious. What’s lighter about it is baking the chicken. The surprising part is using corn flakes for breading. Who would have thought? Trust me though, it works. I would even add some spices to the breading to make chicken nuggets later- they would taste so much better than the processed stuff at fast food chains.

Before making the sauce we added some onions, broccoli, red, and green peppers. We love to add all of these veggies to any meat and rice dish, it makes it that much more delicious. So give this recipe a try and tell me what you think!

Lighter General Tso’s from Damn Delicious
Lighter General Tso's

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