Friday’s Fab Five

Hi there!

Happy Friday! I hope you’ve had a wonderful week and are ready to enjoy another weekend. I’m so excited to relax and enjoy some more sunshine.

I’m planning to paint our adirondack chair(s) and will be able to start once I decide on a color. The two that are neck and neck are lemon grass and summer squash. Which do you like?
Paint Swatch

On the weekend agenda I’m also planning a long run, reading my book, and a nice bike ride. Sounds good, right? Enjoy your weekend and check back next week for a recap of my beach vacation plus a new recipe (hopefully!)

#5 The Ideal Man
While at the beach I read Julie Garwood’s The Ideal Man. This book was great- some romance with a mystery and murder. It was action packed and an easy read. I finished it within 2 days!

#4 Summer TV-Hollywood Game Night
Is anyone else saddened that their favorite prime time shows are over until the fall? I am! Last night I did enjoy watching Hollywood Game Night, it’s a great show for summer because if you miss it you’re not missing out on a story line but if you have a chance to watch it, it’s really funny.

#3 Lazy Shoe Zen
Now that it’s summer and it’s warm outside my mind is all about projects. We’re able to work in the garage and build things and I think this lazy shoe zen is a great way to organize all of my shoes. Not sure if it will fit in my closet but that’s beside the point!

#2 Nerd Girl Problem
Going along with #5, I’m presented with this problem pretty often:
Nerd Girl Problem

#1 Nope, No Bath
I’m a dog lover, not a cat lover, but this is hilarious!
Not Bath Time

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