Crochet: Baby Hat and Blanket

Hi there!

Happy Wednesday! I returned from vacation yesterday evening and while I’m sad that vacation is over, I am excited for the weekend in just two short days! What a crazy trip getting to Tampa and returning but more on that later.

My friend received her gift for her baby boy Friday morning. I was so glad it arrived before I left for the beach so I could talk to her. She loved it! I’m so glad. :)

I sent a buckeye themed present complete with a scarlet and gray striped blanket and buckeye hat plus a football hat. I crocheted everything in about 2-1/2 weeks. I can’t believe I did it so quickly!
Buckeye Baby Gift

For the blanket I single crocheted the red yarn until I reached 36 inches across. Then I did 4 rows of double crochet. After that I did 7 rows of gray half double crochet. When switching colors I used this YouTube video.

Then I did 4 rows of single crochet for the border. I had 19 rows total, I began with the red and finished the red so the gray border would frame it nicely.

Buckeye Blanket

My first attempt at the buckeye hat I planned was rather unsuccessful. The hat wouldn’t even fit me! So I unraveled it and redid it to fit an adult and sent it to my friend. Coincidentally, it arrived around the time of her birthday. How convenient! Here’s the result:
Buckeye Hat

For this hat I used this tutorial and counted out the appropriate rows for the stripes as I went. One row of red, two of white, and then another row of red.

After mastering how to crochet in the round and finishing the first hat I began making the first baby hat. The red one with a buckeye and leaves. This one took me about an hour to do for just the hat portion. The buckeye and leaves didn’t take too long either. I used this tutorial for the hat and made it the 3-6 month old size. The tutorial was very detailed and easy to understand! To make the leaves and buckeye use the pattern located here.
Buckeye Baby Hat

Finally we have the football hat! I love this hat and plan to make more because it’s adorable. I used the same tutorial as the red hat but included the white rows using the stripe tutorial to add them in. The white stripes are double crochet stitches and the hat has 11 rows total so row 4 and 9 are white. I used the same size pattern- 3-6 months but it did end up slightly bigger than the red hat.
Football Hat

After the hat was finished I hand sewed the laces to make it look like a football!
Football Hat with Laces

Now if only Mike would quit volunteering me to crochet things for people. ;) Just kidding!

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