Sweet Potato Irish Nachos

Hi there!

I hope your week is off to a fabulous start. Not too much longer until Mike and I head to the beach and I’m excited! Wisconsin is finally getting on board with this thing we call summer and today’s high is close to 80 and the next 5 days are supposed to be sunny. It took us long enough but I’m happy to have it!

Last week we tried a new recipe from Skinnytaste: Sweet Potato Irish Nachos. If you’re wondering what plain old Irish Nachos are they use regular potatoes instead of chips. (I had no idea) These nachos were different from anything I’ve ever had before but I liked it. We crisped up some bacon in the oven and diced some green onion and green peppers to add to the nachos along with the cheddar and pepper jack cheese. The only work you have to do with this recipe is cook the sweet potato wedges, once that’s done just add your toppings, let the cheese melt, and voila! I like how easy it is to change up the toppings and customize it to your liking. Give it a try!

Sweet Potato Irish Nachos

Sweet Potato Nachos

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